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Bex Bakes

12 May

bexbakes is described by it’s author as “a place for me to share the tasty things I love to bake and eat (but mostly give away).  I’m a bit of a novice in the kitchen but I make up for it with pure charm and the occasional adorable dog photo.  I tend to like my baked goods gooey and ridiculous”.


Weeknight Meals

11 May

Jeno is the author of “Weeknight Meals” – a blog dedicated to cooking at home in order to save money. Started in 2010, the blog keeps track of week night dishes and recipes, as well as any photos of the food consumed along the way.

Gourmet in Greece!

11 May

Gourmetingreece is the perfect mixture between food recipes and a regular personal blog. It’s author, Dave, describes himself as living in the present and the past. He lives in a tiny Greek hill village, and counts gourmet food as his biggest passion. Oh, and he is married to a Goddess. On his site you will find ramblings, photos, clips, poetry, recipes and much more. It’s a decent read.